The news of 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson’s shocking death has left hurt in the hearts of many. Currently, Mexican authorities and the FBI are working together to investigate the tragic and unusual circumstances surrounding her death.

In case you missed it, the young woman arrived in Cabo with some of her friends for a vacation on October 28th. The next day, she died. Upon returning from the vacation, Robinson’s friends told her parents that their daughter died of alcohol poisoning. However, an autopsy report has since shut down these claims. Instead, it lists a severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation as her cause of death.

Shanquella’s father, Bernard, spoke with TMZ recently, telling the outlet that his only child was “not the fighting type.” A video that’s since gone viral backs up his statement. She can be seen not fighting back as she was attacked by another person in what’s assumed to be their hotel room.

Though it’s been weeks since Robinson’s passing, her family remains determined that they’ll get justice. Thanks to the help of reporters like Joe Bruno, it seems as though they’re inching closer to receiving their wish.

The WSOC TV journalist has been providing regular updates about Shanquella’s death investigation on his social media. Elsewhere, a clip of him making actual attempts to interrogate the late woman’s “friends” from her fatal vacation has been making rounds online.

“I called phone numbers associated with all of her friends who went on the trip,” Bruno says in the voiceover as he looks down at his phone in disdain. “Most of the numbers are now disconnected, but two of them went straight to voicemail,” he mentioned.

After attempting to call, the reporter sent the two numbers that remain in service a text before visiting them at their Charlotte addresses. Unfortunately, neither party answered their door at the time.

“And while no one was home when I rang the doorbell this afternoon,” Bruno continued, “a neighbour did tell me this morning, they spotted CMP outside this person’s home.”

Check back later for any updates on Shanquella Robinson‘s murder investigation. RIP.