Even though it won’t be put on air until Tuesday (October 4), the BET Hip Hop Awards were last night. As usual, the ceremony brought out some of the biggest names in the industry as awards were doled out for outstanding achievements in the genre. Some big names, however, were conspicuously absent.

Jim Jones was one of such names, and according to the rapper, it wasn’t for lack of trying. He took to Instagram to blast BET for barring him from attending the gathering.

“I was tryin to go to th bet hip hops awards and support my brother @fatjoe and this how a @bet handled me lol,” wrote Jones, captioning a screenshot of BET’s response to his request for attendance. “Thank you for your inquiry!” the organization had said. “At this time, we are unable to accommodate additional audience talent requests. Due to COVID-19 protocols in place, this year’s show and red carpet are reserved for in-show talent, nominees and select participating network partners only.”

Jones wasn’t happy with BET’s excuse. “They still talkin Covid and th cdc says ain’t no more Covid lol,” he wrote.

Jones was trying to attend so that he could support Fat Joe, who is a close friend of his and who was hosting the show. “Lol Dam @BET I thought this was th hip hop award show,” continued Jones. “Somebody tell @fatjoe I tried don’t want him think I ain’t keep my word told him I was comin But BeT says different mayb next time tear tht shit down joe.”