It could be the end of an era for Kid Cudi.

After the arrival of the Ohio native’s highly anticipated Entergalactic album, fans have been praising both Scott Mescudi’s musical work as well as the Netflix Original film that it was released alongside. While the rapper looks to be in a strong place creatively at the moment, he revealed in an interview with Zane Lowe that he’s actually considering walking away from his performance alter ego – for the time being, anyway.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 28: Kid Cudi and Elsie Mescudi attend Netflix’s “Entergalactic” New York premiere at Paris Theater on September 28, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

“The Kid Cudi stuff, I think I want to put it on the back burner and chill out with that. I think, I want to be done with it. I think, closing the chapter on Kid Cudi,” the 38-year-old shared when asked about his current plans for the future.

Mr. Rager then added, “I’ve made a lot of music, man. I’ve said a lot and I have other desires, I have other things I want to do. And I do not see me never making music, I’ll always f*ck around in the studio, or make something here and there. But, as far as getting in the studio and working on an album, and then going and touring it, I just don’t have it in me. I don’t have the desire.”

At this time in kid life, Mescudi is interested in putting more energy into his personal relationships, particularly the close bond he’s formed with his daughter as she’s gotten older. “We’ve been kicking in a lot lately and I’ve been having more time and it’s good, she’s growing up, our relationship is super tight. It’s what I always dreamed of,” the father of one revealed.

Without music as a primary focus in his life, Lowe was curious about how Cudi plans to channel his creative energy in the future. “I want to just write more TV shows, write more movies, produce more,” the rapper told the host.

“I just want to focus on Mad Solar Productions and just get that shit out a little bit more. And then, on the side, I got my clothing line that’s debuting in January, in Paris, during fashion week. So, I got those two things I’m really focused on and just designing and writing and that’s where I see myself headed.”

Aside from sharing the interesting news, Cudi has also unleashed the production credits for his Entergalactic album, which you can read below.

1. Entergalactic Theme
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, Kid Cudi and William J. Sullivan

2. New Mode
Prod. by Dot Da Genius and Kid Cudi

3. Do What I Want
Prod. by Levi Carter, Roy Lenzo, Russ Chell and Take A Daytrip

4. Angel
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, Jean Baptiste, Justin Raisen, Kid Cudi and SADPONY

5. Ignite the Love
Prod. by Carlton McDowell, Dot Da Genius, Heavy Mellow, Kid Cudi, Rex Masamune Kudo and Skrillex

6. In Love
Prod. by Dot Da Genius and Kid Cudi

7. Willing To Trust (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, E. Vax, Kid Cudi and Ramii

8. Can’t Believe It (Feat. 2 Chainz)
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, Hot Sugar, Kid Cudi and Plain Pat

9. Livin’ My Truth
Prod. by 18yoman, Dot Da Genius, E. Vax and Kid Cudi

10. Maybe So
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, Kid Cudi and Teo Halm

11. Can’t Shake Her (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
Prod. by Dot Da Genius and Kid Cudi

12. She’s Lookin’ For Me
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, Kid Cudi, Ramii and William J. Sullivan

13. My Drug
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, Kid Cudi, Sensei Bueno, William J. Sullivan and Yuli

14. Somewhere To Fly (Feat. Don Toliver)
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, Kid Cudi, Lucy Clubhouse and wondaGURL


15. Burrow (Feat. Don Toliver, Steve Aoki & Dot Da Genius)
Prod. by Dot Da Genius, Gazzo, Kid Cudi and Steve Aoki

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