Vivica Fox Is Concerned With Nick Cannon Having So Many Kids: "I Just Don't Like It"

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Nick Cannon, Vivica Fox
Claudia Jordan chimed in to question if Nick really has "time for all these kids" when he's running an "empire."

With each announcement of Nick Cannon having a child on the way comes emotional reactions. At this point, the number of children that Cannon has—including those on the way—has been heavily debated, as it is rumored that both Alyssa Scott and Abby De La Rosa are also both pregnant by the media mogul in addition to Brittany Bell. Cannon has made jokes about possibly having 12 children by next year, half of which would have arrived or be delivered in a two-year span. 

Cannon's procreating was a hot topic on Cocktails with Queens, and during the discussion, Vivica Fox expressed her concern about Cannon continuing to have more children. "I just, I don't like it," she said.

"Y'all can be like, 'He got money,' this, that, and the third. The foundation of Black families, especially a strong father figure, is needed," Fox continued. "This just isn't a good representation of it in my opinion." Claudia Jordan agreed.

"I think Nick Cannon's a great guy, I think he's successful, and the same—we go in on people like Future and not to say that he's the same, but it's just, at the end of the day, there are a lot of—he's so busy!" said Jordan. "Nick Cannon has an empire! He has an empire! So, do you have time for all these kids?"

Fox followed up by adding that there is a need for Black families, especially Black boys, to have a father figure in their lives who is doing more than writing a check. 

Watch for yourself below.

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