DJ Akademiks Suggests Offset & QCM Controversy Stems From Tension With Lil Baby

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DJ Akademiks, Offset

He jumped online and revisited old rumors regarding Offset allegedly being confronted by 4PF.

Social media had a slight flare-up last week when Offset and Pierre Thomas exchanged words, and now it's time for DJ Akademiks to add his insight to the conversation. We previously reported that Offset was suing Quality Control Music over control of his solo career, and soon, Thomas emerged to address the gossip. Offset quickly replied that he bought out his contract and wanted to move on, but alleged QCM has attempted to infringe on his career outside of Migos, even blackballing him.

According to Akademiks, the rift between the rapper and the dominating collective goes back some time, beginning with the spat between Offset and Lil Baby.

"Offset, obviously the Migos, they were cash cows of QC for a long time, but then comes Lil Baby and 4PF," said the blogger. "Offset had a issue with Baby. Apparently, that led to some type of altercation. What I heard that happened, they tried to strip Offset down but Offset ran to somebody's Rolls Royce, P came out but even like, Lil Baby came out which saved Offset—this is what I heard. Again, I'm not saying this is true, because like, I look at Offset as the top goon out of Gwinnett County and I think Offset's down to catch a body so I don't think no n*ggas gon' punk Offset."

Akademiks alleged that things didn't calm down until Lil Baby told his crew to lay off, and he even shared a video that was said to have been footage of Offset being confronted.

Some have used this moment to once again accuse Akademiks of fanning the flames of tension. He has previously stood accused of making stressful Hip Hop situations worse with his commentary, but his fans have defended him, stating that he's sharing the information that the industry keeps silent.

Check out the video below.

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