Those TikTok challenges often make for entertaining viral moments, but there have been a few that have landed the platform in trouble. TikTok emerged victoriously during the 2020 quarantine and has become the leading force among social media platforms, but some of its “challenges” have caused the company grief. TikTok is currently facing lawsuits, including one from the parents of a young girl who died after attempting a challenge. This week, authorities in Chicago have issued a warning as a car theft TikTok trend has allegedly increased crime rates in the city.

According to reports, a challenge that can be found under the hashtag “KiaBoyz” has been popular online. A user reportedly gave step-by-step instructions on how to jump-start a Kia or Hyundai by using a USB cord or some sort of phone charger. 

Chicago PD Claims TikTok Trend Is To Blame For Massive Increase In Vehicle Thefts
Mario Tama / Staff / Getty Images

The Chicago Police Department’s 15th District shared a press release on Twitter that alleged “vehicle theft is up an astounding 767%” They blamed the TikTok challenge for the dramatic increase.

“This challenge is a play by play for young adults on how to steal both Hyundai and Kia vehicles,” they continued. There have reportedly been nearly 700 thefts of the car brands in the city this year alone compared to just under 75 this time last year. “These automobile thefts are a crime of opportunity and can affect just about any member of the community.”

Authorities are attempting to curb the trend but it is unclear how they will be able to stop the public from testing out the TikTok lesson.

Check out the CPD statement below.