LeBron James is going into his 20th season in the NBA, and he is doing so as a billionaire. On top of all of this, his sons Bryce and Bronny are making names for themselves in the world of basketball. With Bronny going to college and Bryce going into his second year at Sierra Canyon, LeBron has a lot to look forward to.

He is in the midst of some legendary legacy building, and his family is the perfect subject for a feature. In fact, Vanity Fair came through with a massive cover story on James’ family, and all of the kids were included. Of course, Savannah James was also part of the feature, as she has been with LeBron since high school.

In many ways, Savannah stole the show of the shoot as you can see that she was stunning in all of her pictures, which can be found below.

Fans on Twitter were left in awe of Savannah’s photos, and it led to quite a few reactions on social media. Savannah James become a trending topic, and as you can see from the tweets below, Savannah has a large fanbase for someone who rarely speaks to the public.

Savannah James has what a lot of WAGS & other ladies of the sort don’t have: humility. That is a grounded woman. You simply cannot tell her a damn thing. A matriarch,” on Twitter user wrote, while another said “Savannah really THE ONE!”

Needless to say, James has a beautiful family and there is no doubt that they are all going to be successful in their future endeavors.

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