It was another monumental day for Los Angeles as Nipsey Hussle mania took over in Hollywood. We previously reported that the late rapper would receive a star on the Walk of Fame, and it arrived on Hussle’s 37th birthday. As his fans fondly remember his legacy and impact, several of Nipsey’s loved ones gathered for the unveiling ceremony. According to ABC News 7, Nipsey’s grandmother, sister, and fiancée Lauren London were there for his posthumous moment.

LaTanya Ward, a friend of Hussle’s and a community activist, believed that this was an incredible birthday gift for the beloved rapper. She said, “I wish he were actually here to receive it. He got people to understand that people who come from where we come from can accomplish great feats.”

London delivered a moving speech in honor of the man she loved, emphasizing the need to continue to press forward with the work that Hussle established.

“I think I speak for the entire city of L.A. when I say that we’ve always known Hussle was destined for greatness,” said London. “This moment only amplifies that for us. Nip would have been honored by this moment. I think he would want everyone to remember that you can’t get to what’s possible unless you commit to moving forward. That doesn’t mean forgetting where you come from, but requires acknowledging the reality you were born into and the power you have to change that reality for the better.”

“So whenever you’re in the City of Angels and you see this star, I hope it encourages you to break away from whatever might be holding you back and for you to run your marathon until God says that it’s finished. Nip will forever live in our hearts. I’m grateful for the love and support the world has shown us but especially I wanna thank the city of Los Angeles. I love you, and as y’all know the marathon continues.”

Check out highlights from the event below.