Kanye West had a very exclusive album listening party last night in New York, and while there were many celebrities in the building (including ASAP Rocky, and of course, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian), there wasn’t much of a media presence. With that being said, HOT 97’s Ebro Darden did manage to get an invite, and shared a few (purposefully vague) thoughts on the album on his radio show today. 

“There’s some soul, there’s some choir singing. There’s some soulful Kanye West… There’s some Chicago representatives on the album,” he said, suggesting that the project pulls from all of the albums in West’s catalog. 

He also reveals that there’s a playful nod to Ray J. “Kanye says to Ray J: ‘Me and Ray J would probably be friends if we wasn’t in love with the same bitch… you might have hit it first but I’m rich!’”

“No More Parties In L.A.” might be a good indication of what TLOP sounds like. “Notice how [on that track] he throws in samples but it almost feels like he’s throwing it in like a DJ? It doesn’t feel like the beat is made off the sample, the sample lives off the beat that he already put there? That’s a theme that kind of goes through the entire project.”

Lastly, Ebro confirmed that the LP is definitely “rap-heavy,” but is “more melodic” than Yeezus.

Check out the full interview below, and expect to hear the full project February 11th. 

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Ebro Shares Details From Kanye West's "T.L.O.P." Listening Party