They are a Hip Hop couple that seems to be growing stronger by the year, and JT is sharing just how in love she and Lil Uzi Vert are. They’re known to go all out for one another when it comes to extravagant gifts and Uzi was even captured at a festival, watching his City Girls girlfriend perform as he filmed her every move. 

JT sat down with Saucy Santana and her groupmate Yung Miami on Caresha Please to chat about their lives, careers, and friendship, and during the conversation, JT was teased about no longer being a “city girl” because she’s locked in with Uzi.

JT Reveals Lil Uzi Vert Pays All Her Bills & Takes Care Of Her

“No, I’m a city girl!” she said as her friend playfully taunted her. JT added that Uzi recently bought her a Birkin bag and Yung Miami chimed in to say, “As he should, ’cause the p*ssy is hittin’.” JT agreed as the trio laughed.

“But, he do—Uzi literally would do any and everything for me,” she said. “We live together, he pay all the bills. I don’t pay a bill. I don’t even know what the first of the month is!… That’s real city girls sh*t.” She was appreciative to have someone in her life that cares about her to that capacity.

Elsewhere, JT also spoke about her time in prison and the guards making her life difficult because of her industry status. Check out the clip of JT boasting about her relationship with Uzi and being pampered by the rapper below, as well as the full episode of Caresha Please.

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