Jhené Aiko fans are getting more news than they expected these days. Many have congratulated her and her boo Big Sean after they confirmed pregnancy rumors, but it was the Chilombo singer’s other baby daddy that made heads turn on Twitter last night. O’Ryan, the singer with whom Aiko shares 13-year-old Namiko Love Browner, was trending after a video leaked of him doing jumping jacks… completely naked. 

Jhené Aiko & Baby Daddy O'Ryan Trend After His Nudes Leak Online
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The video allegedly comes from O’Ryan’s OnlyFans account and has left fans stunned. While many are clowning the situation as a whole, treating it like another meme, some Twitter users have pointed to the fact that O’Ryan might be trying to clout chase after Aiko announced her pregnancy with Big Sean. That’s been a small reaction, though, as most people are just… impressed by the video. Whatever the case, it’s made for a weird day on Twitter, and the reactions have been hilarious.

In other Jhené Aiko-related news, she’s recently released a new song with L.A. singer August 08 titled “Water Sign” and has dropped some killer photos via Twitter. Her man, Big Sean, is incredibly excited to be a dad, and the two have been spending a lot of time together recently, including a Coachella surprise

As if all this wasn’t enough, it seems like pregnancies are a hot new trend for the Aiko family. The 34-year-old singer recently congratulated her father, who recently announced that he was expecting a baby boy on Instagram. Her father replied, “Thank you my wonderful, beautiful daughter.” 

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Despite the small speed-bump brought about by some very unfiltered exercise, Jhené Aiko’s got plenty to celebrate. You can check out some of the most notable reactions to O’Ryan’s viral video below.