Kid Cudi is one of the most beloved artists of his generation. He is credited with inspiring many of the sounds we hear today, especially the autotuned crooning that artists like Travis Scott have adopted. Over the course of his career, Cudi has gone through various sound changes, but these days, he has found himself again thanks to a string of successful records and collaborations.

Recently, Cudi spoke to The New York Times Style Magazine about his career resurgence and how there was a time in which he thought he was done with music. That time came back in 2016 when the artist went to rehab for drug addiction. The artist was going through a dark depression at the time, and in Cudi’s eyes, he didn’t see himself making it. In the end, however, he pulled through, and now, life is a lot better.

Kid Cudi Reveals How Rehab Stint Almost Ended His Career
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

“In 2016, I was in rehab. I was at the bottom. I didn’t see anything positive happening for me. I thought that maybe it was the end of my career. After so many years of feeling miserable, it’s hard to imagine anything brighter on the horizon,” Cudi said. “But the last five years have been truly game-changing for me. Ever since I left rehab, it’s been nothing but me climbing up the mountain, getting higher and higher and achieving more, doing more, seeing more, learning more.”

Cudi is set to be on the new Pusha T record, although as he recently explained, this will be the last ever song he does with Kanye West. After the recent Pete Davidson beef, Cudi is done with Kanye, and it doesn’t look like that relationship will be patched up anytime soon.

As for Cudi’s recent comments, we’re glad to see him doing so well these days.