CBE KG, who is being labeled a younger brother of FBG Duck, was reportedly shot and killed in Chicago, over the weekend, just over two years after Duck’s murder. The news has been circulating on social media with pictures from the scene of the crime.

“FBG Duck’s little brother was shot and killed in Chicago last night,” one tweet from Daily Loud reads.

FBG Duck was one of three victims in a shooting back in August 2020 in Chicago. He was struck in the chest, groin, and neck and later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Five reputed gang members have since been arrested in connection to the shooting with a trial date scheduled for next year.

Shortly after his death, fans resurfaced an interview with VladTV, in which Duck admitted that he felt his days were numbered.

“Of course I know motherfuckers wanna kill me,” he had said, as noted by HipHopDX. “I’m a very disrespectful person. I know what I did in my lifetime. They don’t know because they don’t be out here with me. They don’t be on these blocks. You feel me? So they don’t know. Can’t nobody tell you shit about me like I could tell you about me. So it’s like, why would I put myself in a place where I know I ain’t supposed to be? So it’s like if I put myself in that place and I know I ain’t supposed to be there, then I know I’m looking for trouble. But I ain’t gon’ go nowhere I ain’t wanted ’cause I ain’t gon’ play with my life. My life mean a lot.”