Law enforcement blamed the Chicago Drill rap scene in a press conference for its influence on crimes earlier this week as they arrested five suspects tied to the 2020 murder of Chicago rapper FBG Duck — Charles “C-Murda” Liggins, Kenneth “Kenny” Roberson, Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, Christopher “C Thang” Thomas and Marcus “Muwop” Smart.

An agent, in a clip of the conference, explained that it was easy for the Feds to crack the case because the suspects bragged about committing the crime on social media.

“What’s happening on social media and what’s happening in music videos that are on YouTube, particularly in the drill rap genre, it shows you what’s happening in the city,” the agent said. “It shows you exactly what’s happening in the city, which are people are flooding the streets to commit acts of violence and then either bragging about acts of violence or talking about how they’re going to retaliate through other acts of violence, and it’s happening on a regular basis."

"Again, that is why it’s significant that as law enforcement, we’re able to investigate and hold people accountable for the acts they’re committing. For instance, you can go on the internet right now, you can see people in music videos, guns all over the place.”

FBG Duck and two others were killed last year, August 4th, 2020, in a drive-by shooting on a shopping trip in Windy City's upscale Gold Coast neighborhood. The suspects, alleged gang members of Chicago's infamous O-Block faction, with territories in South-side Chicago, were arrested on charges of murder in aid of racketeering, federal firearm violations, and assaults in aid of racketeering.

Prosecutors attributed the suspects' motives for the killings to “the purpose of maintaining and increasing position in O-Block, an enterprise engaged in racketeering activity, did knowingly commit the murder of Carlton Weekly, a/k/a ‘FBG Duck.’”

Shortly after the arrests had been made, Duck's mother took to Instagram Live to reveal the names of those detained and seemingly, to get some closure for the year-long case. "Muwop, C-Thang, whatever the fuck they call 'em, I was told that I could say it," said Duck's mother. "Them people promised me I would hear about my son's killers before the internet. So y'all heard it from me first, they got they ass."