Her Barbz enjoyed watching her as a guest host of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion special, but Nicki Minaj’s legal troubles continue to haunt her. Months ago, Jennifer Hough, the woman who was the alleged victim of Kenneth Petty in his rape case, filed a lawsuit again Petty and Minaj. She has alleged that they have sent people to harass her, and she has made claims that she has been receiving threats.

In the 1990s, Hough was 16 when she told authorities that Petty allegedly raped her. He faced charges related to the incident that he called consensual and later took a plea deal to the charge of attempted rape. He would go on to serve four years in prison.

In documents reportedly obtained by Radar Online, Hough has asked the court “not to allow Petty to delay this case to avoid potential prison time.” Hough has alleged that Minaj had people go to her home to persuade her to change her story and even said Minaj called her to offer $500K. Hough stated she turned down each request.

“Ms. Hough lives in constant fear that one of Defendant Maraj’s crazed fans – who incessantly message and threaten her – or one of Defendant Maraj and Petty’s blood gang member associates will find her, children, and/or her husband, and severely injure or kill them,” the lawsuit states.

Documents also reportedly show that Hough said Petty “has strong incentive to force Hough to recant her report of violent rape and intentionally delay this case to limit criminal repercussions,” and she added Petty and Minaj “have a violent criminal history without remorse.”

She brings up Petty “convicted of first-degree manslaughter in the death of Lamont Robinson after his release from prison for the offense against Hough.” He served [seven] years in prison after being convicted.

We previously reported on the news stating that Hough was seeking a default judgment after Petty and Minaj failed to respond to the lawsuit. She is seeking $20 million in damages related to harassment, intimidation, and emotional distress.