Cousin Of Man Killed In DaBaby Walmart Shooting Speaks Out & Calls Him “A Killer & A Menace”

A woman claiming to be the cousin of Jaylin Craig, the man who DaBaby fatally shot in a Walmart in 2018, speaks out and tells her side of the story.

BYAlex Zidel
Cousin Of Man Killed In DaBaby Walmart Shooting Speaks Out & Calls Him “A Killer & A Menace”

At only nineteen years old, Jaylin Craig was killed at a North Carolina-area Walmart after an altercation with rapper DaBaby. The rapper has referenced the shooting on multiple occasions in his music, claiming that he fired his weapon in self-defense. Craig was a fan of the rapper, so says his family, and his cousin is speaking out against DaBaby after the recent backlash from his homophobic comments at Rolling Loud.

The "Suge" artist is facing off against cancel culture this week for some unprompted and harmful comments he made against the LGBTQ+ community, also spreading misinformation about HIV and AIDS. The alleged cousin of the man killed in the Walmart shooting figured that now was a perfect opportunity to come out with her story, speaking out in a Twitter thread.

Cousin Of Man Killed In DaBaby Walmart Shooting Speaks Out & Calls Him "A Killer & A Menace"
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"Now that so many are apt to cancel him, are we ready to talk about the murder he committed in November 2018? #therewasnorobbery #LLJDC #JusticeforJaylin," she wrote. "My cousin,Jaylin Craig, was shot and killed by D*B*by on 11/5/2018. He lied and said that Jaylin was trying to rob him and that he shot in self-defense. Shortly after he blew up on the scene and had the nerve to brag about it in his songs. 

Da Baby Is A Killer and a Menace. On November 5, 2018, 19-year-old Jaylin Craig had just gotten off work. Jaylin and his friend Henry (known time his family and close friends as “Spanky,”) went to the Walmart store after work that day to buy longjohns. [...] As they made their way to the men’s undergarment section, Jaylin and Spanky damn near lost their shit when they caught a glimpse of who they thought was up-and-coming local rapper Da Baby. He hadn’t blown up at that point, but both of the young men were fans of his music and had been following him on social media for some time. Can you imagine the excitement they felt?

They were excited and as they navigated the aisles of the store to buy their wares he crossed paths with them again. But this time, in spite of their genuine, innocent and pure excitement to see him up close, Kirk became agitated. After spewing a few words he assaulted Henry with a punch to the face. A scuffle ensued. Jaylin attempted to diffuse the situation and break up the fight. Kirk’s girlfriend punched Jaylin in the face. While still entangled with Spanky Kirk fired a shot from his illegal and unregistered gun as Jaylin turned to run. Ballistics and physical evidence show that Jaylin was shot in the back/side of his torso while he was trying to flee. One of the detectives who worked the case told the family that this incident was NEVER being investigated as a robbery-gone-bad. Yet the lie that’s been told, recirculated, referenced in rap songs, and adopted as the truth by the masses is that my little cousin was a thug who tried it and got what he deserved. No. NO, it’s quite the opposite.

Not only did Da Baby kill Jaylin, he’s perpetuated a lie that continues to assassinate Jaylin’s character and tarnish his good name. Well, my family and I have had enough."

Read her whole thread below.

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