Getting blazed at 30,000 feet sounds like a pretty amazing time, and for Lil Wayne, the temptation of doing so was enough for him to ignore the warnings of a pilot whose plane he had chartered. Him and his crew lit up shortly after takeoff from Ft. Lauderdale, and the pilot promptly turned the plane around and landed it back in Florida.

TMZ reports that Wayne told the pilot that he and his entourage wanted to smoke on the flight, and the pilot flat-out refused. They ignored his command, and thusly he turned the plane around as soon as they lit up, which was only around 17 minutes into the flight. On a somewhat unrelated note, the gossip site claims that Weezy was also onboard with a “double cup” filled with “pink/purple liquid, consistent with sizzurp.”


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Lil Wayne Kicked Off Private Jet For Smoking Weed