In an era where it seems like every shopping mall has someone walking around with a diamond tester looking to make some YouTube content, even the biggest names aren’t immune from ending up with some fake jewelry. 

A couple of days ago, Chicago rapper Lil Durk took to IG Stories with this message: “Stop buying all this jewelry without knowing what you doing. A lot of sh*t fake and some is overpriced. Get 1 jeweler and stick to ’em. I’m telling you y’all a** gone be pissed when the truth come out.”

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Lil Baby Responds To Fake Patek Claims, Says Jewelers Are Going To Make Him Do Something He Shouldn't">

Durk, no stranger to jewelry and rocking a lot of it, was looking out for everybody wanting to spend crazy sums of money on rings, bracelets, chains and other jewelry to flex on the ‘Gram. Little did he know, however, that his Voice of the Heroes collaborator, Lil Baby, would get caught with a fake Patek Phillipe that the My Turn rapper claimed cost $400K.

The Patek Phillipe watch is a staple in the rap game and has been named dropped frequently by the biggest rappers on some massive records including Drake and Future’s “Life is Good” where Drake rapped that Virgil had “the Patek on (his) wrist goin’ nuts” and that “Virgil got the Patek on (his) wrist doin’ front flips,” and nobody could ever forget the Uzi record, “New Patek” and how much that was playing when it came out in 2018. 

$400K is a huge amount of money to drop on a watch and unfortunately for Lil Baby, the jeweler who sold him that fake Patek allegedly got off with Baby’s money. But Lil Baby, who has rapped that he’d “send a hit while he chills with his children,” is not the one to play with and already came up with a plan to avoid this same mistake in the future: he wants to be put on the official Patek Phillipe list. 

 Lil Baby Responds To Fake Patek Claims, Says Jewelers Are Going To Make Him Do Something He Shouldn't

Adding that after market jewelers like the one who sold him the fake timepiece were going to make him do some things he shouldn’t be doing, Lil Baby made it clear that he wants a spot on that list and based on who he frequently collaborates with (*cough, cough, Drake*) securing that spots seems possible.

Let’s just hope that Lil Baby heeds Durk’s advice and doesn’t end up in a situation like this again.

In the meantime, though, are you rocking fake jewelry or kicks for the IG flex or does it all have to be real? Let us know in the comments.