Rissa Fam Blasts Lakeyah After Her Disrespectful Breakfast Club Interview

Lakeyah's former BTM groupmate wasn't feeling what she had to say during her recent appearance on "The Breakfast Club."

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QC femcee Lakeyah has made a huge splash on the mainstream Hip-Hop scene this year. In addition to being one of the 2021 XXL Freshmen, the Milwaukee-born artist has also been steadily releasing projects, from In Due Time April to My Time last month. To celebrate all her newfound success, Lakeyah recently paid a trip to The Breakfast Club, and during her interview, she touched on the early stages of her career, when she was a part of a rap duo called BTM.

As fate would have it, BTM — which consisted of Lakeyah and fellow Milwaukee artist Rissa Fam — parted ways after gaining some local notoriety, and the former went on to get a record deal with Quality Control. There previously didn't seem to be any beef between Lakeyah and Rissa Fam, but that all may be changing due to the disrespectful nature of the "Female Goat" artist's comments.

Angela Yee asked the rising rapper what made her go solo, and Lakeyah responded by saying, "No cocky stuff, but I was the better one. Everybody kept putting us against each other. I wanted to branch off by myself. And she had went off to college too, like she was in there, sorority and everything."

Charlamagne followed up by asking if she and Rissa Fam were still cool, and Lakeyah replied, "Yeah, but she stays in Milwaukee. I got a whole other life going on."

Rissa Fam apparently caught wind of Lakeyah's shady comments on The Breakfast Cluband she took to Instagram to address the situation with BTM and her relationship with Lakeyah. "Before anybody try to say 'she doing this cus she on now,' nah," Rissa Fam wrote. "Y’all ain’t ever seen me d!ck suckin. I wasn’t even gonna entertain this and honestly haven’t for years. but I’m disappointed now cus damn @lakeyah , that’s how you feel? Just straight shit on me? crazy cus I still support you"

"I ain’t ever said nun bad about you even when the whole city turned they back on you," Rissa Fam continued. "I was the first one to put you in the studio did you forget? I came up with BTM, I never begged you to keep fwm. the last thing you said to me when we fell out!! was “Ian begging no b!tch to be my friend” and you know I ain’t either. I ain’t ever clout chase you. I still make music boss and you KNOW this.

See Rissa Fam's full post below, and let us know in the comments if you think that her reaction to Lakeyah's Breakfast Club interview is valid.

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