MESSIAH! & Mavi Sink A Buzzer Beater With “SO MUCH HATE”

Mavi and MESSIAH! end the year with a soulful collaboration titled “SO MUCH HATE.”

BYJoshua Robinson
MESSIAH! & Mavi Sink A Buzzer Beater With “SO MUCH HATE”blur mask

Earlier this week, Mavi and MESSIAH! celebrated Kwanza by dropping off a gift for their fans, an uplifting three-minute track titled "Kujichagulia (M.O.E)." Days later, the two artists have returned with another equally impressive collaboration, right in time for New Year's Eve.

Titled "SO MUCH HATE," MESSIAH! and Mavi's latest track finds the close collaborators questioning aloud why people insist on hating on others, and over the course of four minutes, each of the Charlotte, NC artists delivers bar after bar after bar. The song's soulful Nova Blu production ties everything together, making for a light-hearted, yet lyrically dense effort from the KILLSWITCH rappers

Check out MESSIAH! and Mavi's second new track of the week below, and let us know in the comments which lines are your favorite from "SO MUCH HATE." 

Quotable Lyrics

I put a pin in it, they opinions pebbles in my ocean
And they still fishing, I just gotta deal with it
Ultimately, I'm a opal, so I gleam different
Light hit different, Cuban, I can buy your whip with it
I don't ever get no time to think, it make me quick with it
Walk inside the label, and I think like Iceberg Slim with it


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