Dr. Dre could easily send his daughter a few million dollars to get her into a safe home with her four children, but he’s allegedly ghosting her, forcing her to create a $50,000 crowd-funding campaign to fight homelessness.

Last week, LaTanya Young, Dr. Dre’s 38-year-old daughter, revealed that she’s homeless. Social media immediately lit up the legendary rapper/producer, urging him to financially help out his daughter. Considering the fact that he’s worth an estimated $800 million, Dre could part with a few million dollars and he wouldn’t even notice. However, he’s allegedly ignoring his daughter’s requests.

Dr. Dre Is Allegedly Refusing To Help His Homeless Daughter
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“I think GoFundMe campaigns are for people in desperate situations and I’m in a desperate situation,” said LaTanya. “Some people were in awe of what I am going through and asked if I had a GoFundMe. I really don’t want to accept any handouts but I appreciate anything that is offered. I have worked all my life and I know how to work for money but I’m in a difficult place right now. I believe in investing in your kids. That’s what I want to do for my kids so they are never in a position like I am right now.”

LaTanya has been working for Uber Eats and DoorDash, and she allegedly has not seen her father in over eighteen years. She is allegedly living out of a rental car in Tarzana, California.

LaTanya allegedly admitted that she doesn’t even have her father’s phone number, being forced to communicate with his team. Her four children, whom she raises by herself, have never met their grandfather. “My kids are staying with friends. They are not living in the car. it’s just me,” she said.

According to LaTanya’s claims, Dr. Dre’s lawyer told her that he doesn’t want to help “because I’ve spoken about him in the press.” 

Dr. Dre Is Allegedly Refusing To Help His Homeless Daughter
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Check out LaTanya’s GoFundMe here.