Easily one of the most shocking stories of the week was LaTanya Young, Dr. Dre’s eldest daughter, revealing to the world that she’s homeless and living out of her car. The 38-year-old woman and single mother of four recently gave an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, in which she revealed that she hasn’t received any financial assistance or contact from her father since January 2020. LaTanya thinks that Dr. Dre stopped her rent payments and allowance because she previously made comments about him in the press, and on the record, she also commends Nicole Young for securing such a hefty monthly spousal support payment from her estranged father.

Still, many Twitter users see this as a slight to Dr. Dre’s parenting, with many calling him out for essentially being a dead-beat billionaire. Shannon Sharpe, however, disagrees with that take, and he thinks that we should instead be more critical of LaTanya. Late Wednesday evening, the Undisputed co-host tweeted, “A 38yr old grown woman trying to shame her father into taking care of responsibilities she created.”


Naturally, Shannon Sharpe was quickly hit with backlash as well, with many Twitter users clowning him for siding with someone who has endless resources yet refuses to care for their child. One by one, fans clapped back at Sharpe, but throughout it all, he stood his ground. “What about her kid’s father?” the FS1 host asked one fan. He also argued that no one would know about the Young’s “family business” had LaTanya never have given the story to a tabloid like the Daily Mail.

Check out the back-and-forths below.


What do you think — is Shannon Sharpe onto something or is Dr. Dre flat-out wrong?