Over the last couple of months, we have seen the decline of the Joe Budden Podcast and the lack of communication between Budden and his former co-hosts Rory & Mal. At first, Budden attempted to control the narrative surrounding the breakup, and he even claimed that Mal and Rory were ungrateful for the money they were making. In a response to Budden, Rory & Mal made it clear that they had percentage-based contracts which meant they were entitled to see the podcast’s revenue, which Joe simply wouldn’t allow.

Now, Rory & Mal have their very own podcast and on the latest episode, they had a deep conversation about business and whether or not you can work with your friends. Mal had an interesting take on the topic as he noted that friends can do business as long as they are open with each other. He also noted that Joe’s behavior has been hypocritical, especially since he labels himself a champion of creators.

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Joe Budden For Being A Hypocrite">
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“You can’t cry about De La Soul not getting their splits on one show and then do what you did to me and Rory,” Mal said. “You can do business with friends and I think we gotta stop acting like you can’t. People love to say ‘don’t mix business with friends.’ You can absolutely do business with friends. It’s just conversations, it’s just transparency, it’s just honesty.”

While the Joe Budden Podcast might be a shell of its former self, Rory & Mal seem to be thriving right now, and it’s great to see them succeed on their own. It will be interesting to see what kind of content they produce in the near future.