Rory Farrell and Mal Clay exited The Joe Budden Podcast earlier this year after Budden dramatically fired his co-hosts on air. Following the events--and tons of backlash aimed at the former Love & Hip Hop star from listeners and pop culture observers alike, Rory and Mal later hinted at joining forces for a new podcast.

The duo finally shared the first episode of New Rory & Mal today (June 12). The description for Episode 1 reads, “The boys catch up about their recent trip to L.A.” In the hour-long discussion, they touch on taking a few weeks off from podcasting while in LA, as well as other hot topics. 

“I just kind of wanted to shut the f*ck up for a few weeks,” said Rory in the episode. “It was five years of non-stop talking. I was listening back to old episodes and I was like, ‘Yo, can this kid just shut the f*ck up?’ It was definitely a self-awareness time of a few weeks. I just don’t—my opinion shouldn’t be out there.”

They didn't touch too much on their departure from their former co-host gigs, but they did talk about landing VIP in the club, Elon Musk, Floyd Mayweather fighting Logan Paul, Migos' latest release, and more. They also gave a shoutout to Griselda and Freddie Gibbs, complimenting their exemplary rapping and how it can, “find the young kids.”

“Let’s try some different shit,” Mal said of their new show. “Let’s change the optics a little bit on this media culture or whatever you wanna call it.” They also explained how they hope to add more visual elements to their work this time to mix up their approach a bit.

Stream the first episode of New Rory & Mal and let us know how you're rocking with it down below.