Rory and Mal may not have gotten the most positive sendoff from The Joe Budden Podcast, but it doesn't look like Joe Budden's scathing rant earlier this month has deflated their spirits. The two cohosts recently reunited to release a transparent take on their JBP exit, and during their hour-long response, they discussed some of the major issues that they had been having with Budden.

Now that they've cleared the air and gotten the serious conversations out of the way, Rory and Mal have apparently shifted their sights onto better things. With rumors of a new podcast brewing, the former JBP cohosts have come through with even more content, and this time, fans of Rory and Mal get to see the music industry insiders test out their acting chops.

On Wednesday, Rory and Mal shared a skit titled "The Job Hunt" to their joint YouTube channel, and the nearly six-minute clip finds the former JBP cohosts on the hunt for a new job. Throughout the skit, Rory and Mal throw in plenty of jokes about themselves, including Mal's famous "That's Crazy" one-liner and Rory's long-running stint as a manager for D'usse Palooza.

Rory and Mal even dig deeper to deliver hilarious moments inspired by Joe Budden's now-infamous rant. Towards the beginning of the video, Rory spills his drink on his jeans and asks Mal for detergent. Referencing Joe's claim that Mal was keeping his detergent in his room when they were living together, Mal stares at Rory silently for a while before finally telling him where it's located.

Later on in the skit, Rory and Mal are in a job interview, and Rory comically addresses the accounting dispute between him and Joe. "Well, I'm proficient in Microsoft Excel, specifically with accounting," Rory says. "I don't really know your policy here, but are you comfortable with me looking into the books?"

If you have six minutes to spare and would love some JBP-related humor, watch Rory and Mal's "The Job Hunt" skit below.