There's been conflict rumbling underneath the surface of The Joe Budden Podcast. However, it came to light in the past few weeks after Joe told Rory to take a few weeks off. Clearly, the issues between the two men have been boiling up for a while so when Joe made that executive decision, it created friction among everyone and led to this morning's controversy surrounding Joe firing his co-hosts.

 Brian Ach/Getty Images

The Joe Budden Podcast has apparently come to an end because of the recent conflict but that doesn't seem shocking to many. Some have predicted that the show would implode sooner rather than later including Charlamagne Tha God. The Breakfast Club host once sat down for an interview on JPB where he got extremely honest about his feelings about the future of the pod.

"I say look, I like Everyday Struggle. I hope Joe Budden doesn't fuck it up, the way he fucks up a lot of things that he's involved in," Charlamagne said. "I'm actually rootin'. I'm like, yo, Joe, don't self-destruct this time." 

What's worse about the clip is that Charlamagne told Rory directly that he believed Joe would replace him with DJ Akademiks. While that seemed far-fetch then, it seems like the latest development in the world of The Joe Budden Podcast could lead to a reunion with the Everyday Struggle co-hosts.

Check out the clip below along with a few reactions.