Kali’s “MMM MMM” is TikTok famous.

Like a lot of other singles that have made it big in 2021, the buzz surrounding “MMM MMM” was the result of a snippet Kali had played online, and when the actual song dropped, the internet ran with it. TikTok compilations featuring the songs are plentiful, and with Kali recently working with Rico Nasty and Enchanting, it was only right that she capitalized on the success of “MMM MMM” with a star-studded remix. 

With MoneyBagg Yo and Latto sliding through with impressive feature verses, “MMM MMM (The Remix)” is transformed from a Kali solo effort into a group effort by three of the hottest artists of 2021. “MMM MMM” was already an anthem, but with MoneyBagg skating on an ATL Jacob instrumental and Latto doing her thing, the remix takes on an entirely new dimension.

Quotable Lyrics
I went brazy on TikTok, so I wеnt brazy on my wristwatch
He lyin’ like I hit him with this mhm, I think not
I got rich b*tch enеrgy, I fishtail out the P-lot
You know I sh*t on bitches, I ain’t never had to rerock, on God

Check out “MMM MMM (The Remix) below and let us know what you think in the comments.