It doesn’t look like Alexis Skyy is having much luck with romance. The social media influencer has shared the ups and downs of her relationships on both reality television and the internet. Years ago, she revealed on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood that she was pregnant with Fetty Wap’s baby, but recently, the real father of her daughter came forward. Then, Alexis shared that her baby daddy, Brandon Medford, knew two years ago that he was the father of her child and she accused him of being absent.

She was public about her relationship with rapper Trouble back in 2019, and since then, there were rumors that she had a new beau. Her current dating status is unknown, but Skyy took to her Instagram Story to denounce men who like to stay out all night.

“Dating a n*gga who run the streets is for TEENAGERS,” wrote Alexis. “I’m a whole grown ass WOMAN! If you can’t get yo ass in this bed and lay tf down at a decent hour, then you ain’t the one for me! Y’all be thinking that sh*t cool when a n*gga trap all day, be in another b*tch face all evening and come calling yo phone like ‘open the door bae’ at the crack of f*cking DAWN [woman making an X with her arms emoji].”

“I could NEVER!!!” Skyy continued. “It’s called RESPECT, MORALS , STANDARDS! ‘Grown’ relationships don’t have continuous revolving doors. Get You a MAN MAN [strong arm emoji] SIS PERIOD [exclamation marks emoji][one hundred emoji].” Do you agree with her and should women be held to the same standard? Check out her message below.