Saba Announces New Album & Drops New Single “Fearmonger”

Saba struggles with trusting the fruits of his labor on “Fearmonger”

BYTaylor McCloud
Saba Announces New Album & Drops New Single “Fearmonger”blur mask

A couple of days ago, Saba took to Instagram with an exciting announcement. 

Debuting the cover for his upcoming album, Few Good Things, the "So And So" rapper revealed that new music "is coming soon," and today, we were blessed the project's first single. 

"Fearmonger," according to Saba, is unlike any song he has ever made. Leaving a short message in the description of "Fearmonger" on YouTube, Saba wrote, "At the time of making this record I was beginning to realize how big of a hold fears actually had on me. With big decisions to make, I was never sure if I was doing the right thing. Fearing if I was actually doing enough. I’m saying we’re embedded with this “irrational fear”. The song takes this concept and kind of turns it slightly abstract by assigning a character to 'fearmonger.' I’ve never made a record that sounded anything like this and part of the fun of releasing music is to create worlds sonically and have people trust you to show them around your own imagination."

Saba's message is heavy, but transforms fear into strength, and is reflected in the music.

Rapping over daedaePIVOT production, Saba skates all over the funky instrumental and weaves a ton of real-life messages into the fabric of the record. Much like Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000, Saba taps into very-real emotions that cut straight to the heart and brain, all while maintaining artistic integrity and pushing the envelope into spaces few artists have attempted to go.

Quotable Lyrics
Would my fans leave if I can’t put asses in seats?
If I log out an app or I lack a retweet
I’m just scared to go back didn’t have shit to eat
Half my bread go to taxes the actual thieves


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