They’ve already established a mutual appreciation for one another and now all fans are waiting for is a collaboration. Mulatto has been vocal about her Barb status, often fawning over Nicki Minaj on social media. After sharing images and videos of herself showing love to Nicki, the Queen rapper sent out a simple tweet praising the rapper, sending Mulatto into full stan status.

During her interview with The Morning Hustle, Mulatto was asked what it would look like if she built her perfect record, and of course, Minaj is a must.

“Oh, that’s crazy. Other artists, like feature-wise? I’mma ay Nicki,” Big Latto began. “Nah, I feel like when me and Nicki do a song, I want it to be like, some bar for bar sh*t. Like, some old school sh*t. I don’t want it to be like, what they gon expect, like some summer twerk anthem.” A collaboration isn’t completely out of the picture, considering Nicki did say that the Georgia rapper was “dope.”

We’re not sure if this one will materialize, but fans have noted that Mulatto referenced the dream collab as a “when,” and not and “if.” Check out Mulatto’s full interview with The Morning Hustle below and let us know if this collab is something you’d like to hear.