No doubt about it, Nicki Minaj has deserved all of the flowers that she gets. She's one of the absolute best rappers in the world, ushering in a new era of women in rap with open armsshowing love to some of the most popping young stars in the industry today. The Queen remains the definitive crown-holder, and as she celebrates her birthday, she'll be sure to accept messages from adoring fans across the globe and fellow artists who respect the hell out of all she has accomplished in the business.

Nicki Minaj entered what has traditionally been a boy's club and came out a winner, becoming a legend with historic verses, albums, and singles. One of the most decorated women in rap history, Nicki is celebrating her thirty-eighth birthday today, and some of her admirers have taken a head start in wishing her health and wealth on her big day.

Her mother Carol Maraj kicked off the kind wishes with a beautiful message to her daughter, and Mulatto and K. Michelle followed up with their own thoughts.

"Happy birthday Nicki," wrote Mulatto on Twitter. She posted a picture of herself wearing Nicki-inspired pink glasses, a big pink bow in her hair, and a Barbie chain that she still owns. "I wore this chain religiously and I still have it to this day," added Big Latto.

That wasn't all for Latto though. Apparently, she had to explain herself after re-creating one of Nicki's pictures in the fifth grade. "In 5th grade I posted this pic on my Facebook biting my finger sexually in a spaghetti strap tank top & when I got in trouble I was tryna explain how I was recreating a Nicki Minaj picture," wrote the rapper. "No cap."

K. Michelle has been around Nicki Minaj for years, and she recorded a video message to remind the Queen that nobody is touching her.

"No one can out-rap Nicki Minaj," said K in the video. "I was just telling my sister Nat, I've been listening to a lot of the new rappers... they don't have no cadences, they don't have no animation, they don't know how to flip it up, they on the same beat, like, no one out-raps Nicki Minaj. Period. And that's musically speaking."

Join us in wishing Nicki Minaj a happy birthday! Many more on the way!