Going into last weekend, the music industry practically erupted following the unfortunate news that Saweetie and Quavo had officially called it quits. Almost everyone had something to say about their split, from Hip-Hop fans to celebrities like NBA YoungBoy and Cyn Santana. Rumors that Quavo had her Bentley repossessed and has been subbing her in his new music have also gained steam, but despite all of the drama surrounding her breakup with the Migos rapper, Saweetie is still finding a way to let her light shine, thanks in part to her new cover for Cosmopolitan magazine.


In addition to flaunting her curves on the magazine’s cover, Saweetie also gave a lot of insight into her journey as an artist for Cosmopolitan’s cover story. The Icy artist revealed how her infamous freestyle during her trip to Hot 97 left her with a serious case of PTSD, claiming that specific incident was one of the lowest points of her career.

Saweetie also talked about her ability to maneuver and adapt throughout the music industry as well. Hpwver, some people have been critical of her rise as a rapper, as evident through the numerous think pieces published about how her good looks are what should actually be credited for her success as an artist. In the interview, she touches specifically on pretty privilege, saying, “I won’t act like there isn’t a certain type of power that comes with people admiring your face. But that’s not something that gets me off.”


Saweetie continued by listing off accomplishments that weren’t given to her simply because of her beauty, which she claims are the things that she’s really proud of. “I like being Female Athlete of the Year. I like getting 4.0s for a straight year. I like knowing that I write my own songs. I like knowing that I create my own treatments. I like knowing that I donated $150,000 to Black Lives Matter,” she says.

Still, the “My Type” artist recognizes that being pretty is a part of her brand, so it absolutely makes sense that she’s naming her forthcoming debut album Pretty B*tch Music. When speaking on the significance of the album’s title, she said, “It’s my way of taking back all those years where I feel I had to dim my light.”

Be on the lookout for more Saweetie-related news as her debut is set to drop sometime this spring.