Saweetie and Quavo have officially broken up and their split has not been pretty so far. After they quietly unfollowed each other on social media, rumors of their split captured the attention of hip-hop fans across the nation, who had previously hailed the pair as "relationship goals". Now that Saweetie has effectively accused Quavo of cheating on her with other women, it's clear that there was much more happening behind the scenes than they cared to show in their pictures.

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Social media has been abuzz with speculation about who Saweetie and Quavo could potentially move on with. While some people have joked that Saweetie is angling for a date with the one-and-only Drake after telling her ex Quavo to "take care", one particular Los Angeles-based rapper was trying to claim that the Icy Girl was actually moving on with him. According to Saweetie though, that's big cap.

LA rapper Ray Vaughn posted a video of Saweetie over the weekend, telling his followers that they "got 1 in the vault". After fan pages called out the rapper and said that the video was months old, Saweetie herself jumped in to call out Vaughn, confirming that the video was taken in August 2020. "Bye," she said with a laughing emoji on Instagram stories, circling the date that she wore the orange outfit she was seen wearing in the clip.

Considering Saweetie basically just shut down Ray Vaughn's dreams of swooping up the rapper, it seems as though she may not be in a rush to go public with anybody else after such a tumultuous break-up with Quavo.

Check out the posts above and let us know who you think she'd be good with.

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