Controversial Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has been creeping back into everyday relevance with his disrespectful musings on social media, including rude messages for Lil Durk, Meek Mill, and the late King Von. In addition to his disparaging remarks, 6ix9ine has also been releasing new music, passing 31 million views for his new music video “ZAZA”. 

One of the rappers that have drawn the ire of Tekashi for years has been Chicago stand-out Lil Reese, who has consistently taken issue with the loud-mouthed troll. Recently getting into a heated exchange with the rapper on Instagram Live, Lil Reese shifted gears by changing the subject, tweeting about a fight he had with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, 6ix9ine found a way to get involved.

“Lol I got knots on my head my girl just literally beat me up had me ballin up I say this my first time gettin beat up,” wrote the Grim Reaper on Twitter. Known for making fun of the rapper and the alleged video of him getting jumped and soiling himself, 6ix9ine took aim at Reese Money.

“Someone said first time off camera,” wrote 6ix9ine in the comments after his best friend DJ Akademiks posted the tweet on his page.

6ix9ine Clowns Lil Reese After He Admits His GF Beat Him Up

The comment has racked up over 14,000 likes, meaning people are still very much entertained by his predictable antics. While people love to claim that they don’t support 6ix9ine, the 31 million views on his video and consistent engagement on social media seemingly signal otherwise. 

Are you team 6ix9ine or team Reese?