It was reported this week that Tekashi 6ix9ine, who has been shockingly quiet as of late, was admitted to the hospital for an overdose on caffeine and Hydroxycut.

The rapper has reportedly been using the weight loss supplement to slim down but, unfortunately, reality caught up to him and reminded him that it's always safer to lose weight naturally. While DJ Akademiks joked that the rainbow-haired rapper will be getting a trainer once he recovers, 6ix9ine's opps continue to taunt him over his overdose, including Lil Reese.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

As you know, the Grim Reaper of Chicago is not a fan of Tekashi in the slightest. He has made numerous threats against the rapper, calling him out on social media and coaxing him into taking a trip to O Block a few weeks ago. 

On Twitter, Lil Reese commented on 6ix9ine's overdose, making a joke about how he thought the rapper had OD'ed on rat poison.

"I thought it was Rat poison," wrote the Chicago star, cracking a laugh over 69's status as a snitch.

At this point, the feud between Lil Reese and Tekashi 6ix9ine has grown stale. After 6ix9ine reported poor first-week sales for his TattleTales album, and after Lil Reese barely managed to move 500 copies of his own project, people just stopped caring about both of them altogether.

Are you still into 6ix9ine and his feuds?