6ix9ine had a medical emergency recently as he was hospitalized following an overdose on a mixture of caffeine and Hydroxycut. For those who don't know, Hydroxycut is a supplement people take as a way to lose weight quickly. However, if taken on too high of a dose, it can cause some medical complications, which is exactly what happened.

Rumors of a 6ix9ine overdose were swirling on social media today, however, very few knew the extent of the ordeal. Taking to Instagram, DJ Akademiks commented on The Shade Room report on 6ix9ine's overdose, noting that the rapper is doing just fine. "This is true.. lol he finally realizes he needs a trainer not no CVS products. Talked to him today tho. He was on the track running n in good spirits. He’ll be back soon," Akademiks replied.

This news came as a surprise to many, especially when you consider the circumstances of it all. Since releasing his latest project TattleTales, 6ix9ine has been virtually hidden from the world following poor album sales. The news surrounding his overdose is perhaps the first we have heard from him in weeks. 

Moving forward, it's clear the artist will no longer be using Hydroxycut as a means to get slimmer.