Ever since 6ix9ine's house arrest wrapped up, the rainbow-haired rapper has shown little willingness to reap the benefits of his second chance. In fact, the notion that he helped put men behind bars, men to which he once willingly tethered his fate, seems to fill him with glee. So much so that he has embraced the snitch reputation and dubbed his upcoming solo album Tattle Tale, an attempt to reclaim the otherwise unflattering moniker. In other words, Tekashi is the same as he has ever been, only this time he's not shouting out "Treyway" with the ferocity of gaming-induced rage.


Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Curiously enough, upon bestowing Tekashi his reduced sentence, Judge Englemeyer had this to say: "I do not expect you to be tempted to engage in violence again. But if you are, remember this: As the judge in your case, I would regard violence of any sort as a grave breach of trust, warranting revocation of supervised release, and a return to prison."

Heavy words, though they may as well be helium-filled. 6ix9ine appears hellbent on opening up old wounds, having recently returned to Chicago to continue his makeshift press tour. And though there are plenty of tourist attractions to be found across the windy city, 6ix9ine would much prefer to stir the pot with rivals old and new, including Lil Durk.

Following an increasingly volatile back and forth with Lil Reese -- one that unfortunately found 6ix9ine donning a soiled diaper in a strangely committed bout of method acting -- Tekashi has decided to shift his gaze upon Durk. Taking to Instagram to fire off his latest attack, 6ix9ine filmed himself visiting himself on "O BLOCK," his intention to condescendingly pay respects to Lil Durk's slain cousin. "Came to pay my respect to @lildurk cousin nuski who was killed by gun violence," he captions, alongside the antagonistic video. "They said they were going to leave the Backdoor open THEY LIED."

Though his fame and overall popularity feel unchanged, it's clear that 6ix9ine has once again surrounded himself with enablers. Despite how reckless his actions get, there doesn't seem to be anybody discouraging them from happening. Yet history has a strange way of repeating itself. One has to wonder if this next chapter of the tattler's tale features a surprise appearance from Judge Engelmeyer.