Fabolous Responds To Claudette Ortiz “Appreciation Post” Backlash

The rapper took to social media to set the record straight.

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Fabolous Responds To Claudette Ortiz “Appreciation Post” Backlash

Fabolous caught some heat earlier this week for his "appreciation post" dedicated to City High singer Claudette Ortiz. While there is no harm in an appreciation post, per se, it was the content of what the post consisted of that got the Internet blowing things slightly out of proportion.  

The Brooklyn's rapper "appreciation post" shared to his Instagram stories of Ortiz showed the songstress looking stunning in a bikini. “It’s vintage, but the natural vibe still,” wrote Fab over the photos. Social media noted the message seemed as if he was "disrespecting" his partner/mother of his children Emily Bustamente. Now, the rapper is responding to his critics, insisting the post was simply an appreciation post and nothing more.   

"Everybody be talking that ' Give people they flowers while they alive' sh*t.. Then when u do it, they make it a issue," said the rapper on social media. "A Appreciation Post ain’t meant to be nothing but... FLOWERS.. People try to find the negative in everything. Even in SHOWING LOVE..."

While some agreed with Fabolous' justification, others were not buying it. "You’re married tho sir. Give your wife the flowers, not another woman on your ig story with her body all out," one user pointed out. 

"It’s your track record tho Fab.. read the room," another explained, referencing how he has been accused of cheating on Emily numerous times in the past. 

In the end, however, only Fab and Emily know the true dynamics of their relationship and what his intentions truly were.

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