A joke on Instagram quickly went left when people didn't "swipe" on Fabolous's posts. The New York Rap icon wanted to bring his friends and followers a few chuckles over on the social media app when he made a post suggesting that he had signed up for OnlyFans. It wasn't something that was *too* farfetched, considering plenty of entertainers from all backgrounds have earned a few coins on the site, but when people saw Fab's post, they couldn't believe that the "Can't Deny It" hitmaker was doing something strange for a piece of change.

"Just started a ONLY FANS [shrug emoji]," Fabolous wrote in an image text upload to Instagram. "SWIPE LEFT to see a teaser of my 1st Post [purple devil emoji]."

Fabolous, OnlyFans
Earl Gibson III / Stringer / Getty Images

For those nosy folks who thought they were about to see something scandalous, the second photo was a disappointment. Fab posted a photo of actual fans and in his comment section, thousands of people got a good laugh out of the joke, including many of his famous friends. However, there were a select few who were convinced that Fabolous was serious with his OnlyFans post, prompting the rapper to wholeheartedly deny that he would launch an account with the site.

"N*ggas really thought I went Only Fans on em' [eyeballs emoji]," Fabolous wrote on his Instagram Story. "No disrespect to anyone who does have a OnlyFans.. I heard people are getting money wit it.. Just not my vibe." Check out his posts below.