Soulja Boy Tells Bow Wow: "I'm Worth $30M, You're Broke" Ahead Of Verzuz Battle

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Bow Wow Soulja Boy
The rappers are continuing to take shots ahead of their highly-anticipated Verzuz showdown.

Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have been engaging in some friendly banter ahead of their upcoming highly-anticipated Verzuz showdown. First announced late last month, the duo has been trading some light-hearted shots at each other about various different aspects of their persons like chart success, hairlines, and more. 

Soulja Boy even went as far as to bet his Lamborghini if Bow Wow wins the Verzuz battle. After Bow Wow took shots at Soulja's hairline, the "She Make It Clap" artist fired back, this time poking at his counterpart's smaller net worth. 

Soulja Boy Tells Bow Wow: "I'm Worth $30M, You're Broke" Ahead Of Verzuz Battle
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The rapper started by taunting, "Bow Wow, cut it out. My hair look better than yours, my hair longer than yours, I got more money than you. What is you talking ’bout some hair, man? I put them braids in, you got that from me. I’m the first rapper with the bald cut fade with the braids. I rocked that in 2019 before I got locked up in Malibu. You got that hairstyle from me, I’m the one that had the braids with the cornrows." 

He then added, "I'm the one worth $30 million Bow Wow, you broke. You worth $1.5 million dollars, I'm worth $30 million. You been in the game longer than me. You been in the game 20 years longer than me and I got more money than you." 

He continued to fire shots at his frenemy, alleging that Bow lived in an apartment while he lives in a luxurious mansion. "Stop worrying about what my hair look like, what your bank account look like? What your house look like? You stay in an apartment. I got a mansion. You stay in an apartment. I got Bentleys and Hellcats and basketball courts in the front yard, you ain’t even got a front yard," he fired back. Listen to Soulja Boy's shots below. 

Bow Wow mocked Draco's hairline yesterday, triggering his fiery clapback. "Soulja got them braids women get when they getting a sow in," tweeted the former television host.

This Verzuz battle is shaping up to truly be one for the books. 


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