Fetty Wap's Baby Mamas Collectively Drag Him On Christmas For Deadbeat Ways

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Tis' the season to be dragged.

Christmas season has a way to bring out the best and the worst out of people. We recently reported on several celebrities translating the fruits of their labours into expensive gifts for their family, friends and lovers. Saweetie and Quavo make an ideal example of this as the Atlanta-bred rapper recently gifted his bae with a customized Bentley for Santa season. Unfortunately, not all are experiencing plentiful joy this time of the year and Fetty Wap's baby mothers appear to want all the smoke. Lezhae Zeona and Masika Kalysha both doubled teamed on Fetty Wap to call out his absentee father ways via a subliminal message on the gram. 


"IDK who’s “Baby Daddy” needs to hear this, but your kids straight for the holidays…” shared Lezhae Zeona, mother to Fetty Wap's daughter Zaviera and son Zy. “Their mother did it without you . Shoutout to all the mommies who make it happen on and off holidays[,] with or without the father. You are appreciated[,] woman.” Masika, mother to Fetty Wap's daughter Khari reposted the subliminal diss to her Instagram, adding fuel to the fire. 


Allegations of Fetty Wap's deadbeat father tendencies are not new, the rapper continuously gets called out for failing his duties as a father. Beef usually stirs between his baby mothers, thus it is interesting to them jointly collaborate on this drag. Nevertheless, Fetty appears unbothered by it all. Most recently, the rapper chimed in on why he "fell off" in the industry and later supported that none of his industry peers were better than him "melodically." 


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