Fetty Wap was on pace to have a record-breaking career as one of the most exciting talents to ever emerge from New Jersey. While his buzz has worn off, he remains one of the most talented vocalists in the game, truly bringing his own style to the music business. 

The "679" artist has always been transparent with his fans. In the past, he's been open about his descent from superstardom, and he has co-signed his good friend 50 Cent's remarks about bad business managers ruining his rise to the top. With his latest project out now, and picking up tons of praise from fans and critics alike, Fetty is once again addressing his fall-off, warning fans that he's coming back with a vengeance and explaining just what happened to set him back.

"Bad business managers... greed and selfishness... but it's almost over," said Fetty in an Instagram comment, which was reposted by No Jumper. "I got rid of all that goofy shit around me ... now I can focus on the music ... and I'm goin tf up just watch."

It's nice to see Fetty get his confidence back, and it's definitely a pleasure to see him predicting this much success in the future. Judging by the way people have been reacting to his new music, he may very well be right. 

Do you think 2021 is going to be Fetty Wap's comeback year?