On Tuesday, Princess Love took to Instagram to air out her dirty laundry with husband Ray J, and hours later it was Masika Kalysha's turn to cuss out her baby daddy Fetty Wap. The rapper reportedly tied the knot with a model known as "Rosedealer" earlier this year, but there were rumors that their relationship was on the rocks. Fetty has apparently gotten himself stuck between a rock and a hard place as his baby mama, model Masika Kalysha, put him on blast for bringing their daughter, Khari Barbie, around his wife.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images 

"Tell the whore you called a mistake I'm not the f*cking one to play with!" she wrote on Instagram. "I will go to jail or hell behind my f*cking child. After u swore u would never have my child around any of yo hoes that you haven't introduced me to yet you got this groupie hoe around my kid taking a sneak picture like a fan in the f*ckin bathroom looking real statutory! I'm bout to hop on the red eye to black her eye and snatch the other eye out ya f*cking face."

Masika certainly wasn't finished letting the woman know exactly how she felt. Following Masika's first post, the woman deleted the photo in question. However, Masika added to her Instagram Story: "Enjoy ya missery with everyones n*gga by ya f*ckin lonesome! You couldn't pay me $ to f*ck wit that toxic trash ass n*gga but you so insecure u wanna involve my child. I'm the wrong b*tch." Just months ago Masika shared that she and Fetty were great co-parents, so maybe this is just a hiccup.

Meanwhile, Rosedealer commented on Instagram that although she and Fetty are legally married, they aren't together. "Issa divorce party," she wrote.