The animosity between Alexis Skyy and Masika Kalysha dates back years. The world watched as the two ladies were at odds on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood as they argued about Fetty Wap and whether he was cheating with one while with the other. Fetty has a daughter, Khari Barbie, with Masika, and years later Alexis gave birth to her daughter, Alaiya Grace. Alexis insisted that Fetty Wap was the father of little Alaiya, but there were rumors that it may not be the case.

Over the years, Alexis has continued to insinuate that Fetty is the father, even calling him out when videos surfaced of him spending time with Masika's daughter. However, earlier this week a social media comment captured attention after it seemed to confirm that Alaiya's dad is a man named Brandon Medford.

Alexis shared a photo of herself with her daughter on Instagram and Medford left a comment saying, "Daddy's girl," with a red heart emoji. Soon, Masika and the mother of Fetty's other child, Lezhae Zeona, slammed the model for allegedly purposefully lying about paternity.

"Find my comment from 2 years ago on the shade room and don't ever fkn question me again. Foh," Masika tweeted on Friday (December 11). The comment Masika was referring to occurred years ago when she and Alexis were engaged in an online spat. Masika wrote: "DON'T SPEAK ON MY CHILD WHEN U HAVE TO USE FACETIME TO SPEAK TO UR CHILD! U gettin that # 60 confused wit da 60 n*ggas u need to swab to find the pappy. Now go swab Brandon the car dealer & Pope the married n*gga. Don't act bad twitter fingers when u been runnin in real life 4yrs."

Lezhae penned a lengthy rant, as well. "But let's talk about how Alexis been knew my kids father wasn't her baby's father but purposely went along with that BS story just to make my pregnancy emotionally more trying (mind you we were pregnant at the same time)," she said. "While I was carrying this mans real child you traumatized my entire pregnancy experience and Wap went along with it not even caring how it would make me (and ultimately our child, Zy growing inside of me) feel."

"Evil people I tell you," Lezhae continued. "But while the devil works the Lord works harder and I'm blessed and highly favored." Alexis hasn't responded to their accusations. Swipe below to check out the messages below.