It’s difficult to imagine a time when Migos, not to mention Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff, were flooding the market with music at a truly prolific rate. Following Culture 2, the Atlanta trifecta kept it moving with projects like Father Of 4, Quavo Huncho, and The Last Rocket — the output was so voluminous that many began growing fatigued of the once-beloved crew. So much so that the Migos opted to take a bit of a breather, delaying their plans to release Culture III, and charting out a different playbook entirely. 

Quavo Is Back In The Lab & Wants Beats
 Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images 

These past few months, it has once again begun to feel as if the Migos momentum is picking up once again. Not only did Offset recently preview a few promising bangers, quite possibly set to be included on their upcoming project, but now Quavo has confirmed that he’s in the process of making some new music. In fact, Huncho actually put out a call to action, inviting producers to flood him with their hardest beats. Given that he neglected to share an email, however, it’s likely the request was largely aimed at his established producer contacts.

Either way, it’s clear that Migos have been actively working on new music, whether it’s their Culture 2 follow-up album or another batch of solo releases. While details remain admittedly scarce, we’ve compiled a collection of everything we know about the project, available for your perusal right here. Are you excited for the album formerly known as Culture 3?