After Trump departed the White House for a final time, many across the country exhaled with a sigh of relief that the indisputably chaotic reign of Trump had finally concluded. Chrissy Teigen, a consistently outward critic of the former POTUS, penned a scathing rant against Trump yesterday before the inauguration, crowning him the “best at being the f*cking worst.” Macklemore was also inspired to bid farewell to the disgraced politician, debuting a new “Trump’s Over” freestyle yesterday to mixed reviews.

“All you liberals that are out there being silent, while black people dying at the hands of police violence/ That care more about animal rights and recycling / and bicyling and the climate and toothpaste with iron / you too are complicit, you too getting brought up / give it to you pro Bono, U2 are the problem,” rapped the Seattle native on the track. While the 37-year-old was well-meaning in his politically-inspired freestyle, Twitter was very unforgiving to the rapper. 

Upon hearing the viral freestyle, one user joked that the events that happened at the Capitol on January 6th should have actually gone down when Macklemore received his Grammy. “We should’ve stormed the Capitol when Macklemore won a Grammy for Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar,” penned the user.

Another simply added, “it’s honestly kind of amazing that Macklemore looked around at everything and was like ‘what people need right now is me rapping about this,'” while others took a more hostile approach in roasting the “Thrift Shop” rapper. Check out some more reactions to this freestyle below, and be sure to check out the original freestyle as well.