It's been a while since Macklemore has come through with some new music, with his most recent album Gemini arriving in 2017. Since then, the multi-platinum artist has been biding his time, having previously teased the game's first full-length "magic album," though he has yet to pull that particular rabbit out of his hat. Given how long fans have been left in limbo, it's no wonder that Macklemore has officially come through with some bars to tide us over.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"I felt like rapping," writes Macklemore, in the title of his latest YouTube video, which happens to be a clever flip on a Funkmaster Flex freestyle. Posting up with a grouchy cutout of the radio mogul, Macklemore takes to a grungy guitar riff and proceeds to reflect on the ongoing state of affairs in the world. "Shit, we're late on the mortgage," he raps. "Praying for no more of the bigot in the orange wig / anyone else, if we settle we settle, Biden is better than the devil / it's easy to get apathetic to the moment we're having / and white supremacy loves it some white liberal pacifists."

"Listen and take action," he continues. "And be on the right side of history when your grandkids / sit on your lap and ask about how 2020 was / tell em' it was fucked but at least we stood up for something." Signing off with a well-intentioned request to vote, it's clear that Macklemore had a lot to get off his chest -- perhaps this is the start of something bigger, a full-fledged return for the mustached lyricist. Are you excited to hear new music from Macklemore?