LeBron James is arguably the most popular name in sports, leading the Los Angeles Lakers to their seventeenth championship last season and looking to repeat this year. Off the court, he’s always tapped into the hottest sounds in hip-hop, often using Instagram Stories to co-sign rising artists and established rappers alike. Most recently, he showed the world that he was a fan of Lil Durk’s single “Stay Down”, which features 6LACK and Young Thug. Unfortunately, the video upload ended up sticking to the internet for the wrong reasons.


While LeBron’s handles are highly-superior on the court, he can’t seem to grasp hold of song lyrics a lot of the time. He’s historically messed up lyrics from Lil Baby, Pop Smoke, and many more. This week, he’s being trolled for royally flubbing the lyrics to 6LACK’s chorus in “Stay Down”, seemingly singing “yabadabadodobo Old Navy” where the artist says “hoppin’ out the car, no photos, baby”. 

People have been getting at King James for his version of the song, having a laugh at his expense. However, 6LACK says that LeBron might have been onto something, reposting the viral video and adding his two cents.

“Maybe I wrote the lyrics wrong & he’s the correct one,” said 6LACK on TikTok. He said almost the same thing on Twitter, commenting, “The sureness made me question my own lyrics”. 


Do you think 6LACK should advocate for Lil Durk to add LeBron James to the remix?