Shortly after Kyrie Irving led the Boston Celtics to a 110-107 victory over the Atlanta Hawks last night, LeBron James posted a photo of the well-known Arthur fist meme on instagram with a caption that read, "Mood..." 

Basketball fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that LeBron's cryptic post was a direct reference to the 35 points that Kyrie hung on an Atlanta Hawks squad that beat the Cavs on their home court just a night before. Reporters tried to question JR Smith today about the meaning behind LeBron's most recent IG post, but he wasn't able to provide much insight. 

Whatever the true meaning behind LeBron's Arthur meme, Draymond Green wasn't going to miss an opportunity to get his troll on.

Moments ago, Draymond responded on instagram with a "mood" post of his own.

While LeBron and the Cavs have struggled in their first nine games of the season, the Golden State Warriors have experienced no such issues. The Cavs are currently sitting at 4-5, which includes a handful of bad losses at home. Cleveland ranks at the bottom of the NBA in defensive efficiency, while it’s scoring defense (29th) and defensive field-goal percentage (27th) are among the worst in the league as well.

Meanwhile, the defending NBA champions are 8-3 thus far. Although they'd probably prefer to be 11-0, their "mood" is certainly nowhere near a clenched aardvark fist.

LeBron and co. will host the 4-5 Milwaukee Bucks tonight and Draymond Green might be tuned in since the Warriors don't return to the court until tomorrow night's home game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Nobody would be surprised if Draymond is active on social media if things go south for Cleveland again.