Good news is on the horizon for Delonte West as the former NBA star has been reportedly doing well in rehab. Last Fall, photos and videos once again circulated showing West struggling while out on the street. There have been sightings and reports over the years showing West homeless and acting erratically, and while he has been teased and trolled on social media, those who cared for him were doing their best to make sure he received adequate help.

In September 2020, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shared that he would help Delonte enter into a rehabilitation facility after tracking him down at a gas station. Cuban has regularly attempted to give aid to West, and since that time, there have been minor, yet positive, updates about his progress. On Tuesday (January 19), TMZ reported that West is doing well at the Rebound center located in Florida and he not only looks healthier, but West has landed himself a job at the facility.

The former Dallas Mavericks star has reportedly been back on the court during treatment and Cuban is said to have helped West reconnect with his mother and loved ones. Check out some footage of Delonte West sharpening his work on the court below.